Monday, September 14, 2009

He's HOME!!!!

I cannot even begin to put into words what this past week and weekend have been like. We knew last week that Alex would probably be leaving the sandbox, but of course, didn't know exactly when. Late last week at 2:00 in the morning, we got a call from him that he was in America!! Then on Thursday morning, he called with the time he would be home. We headed to the base late Friday night, Our Marines rolled in around 2:00a.m.!! Those last few moments were the hardest. We were in a gym, and they closed all the doors, had us facing one door and the sargeant said that he was leaving through these doors,
and that the next people to walk through would be our Marines. I am sure in a normal state of mind, that those next few moments were just that, but it seemed like an eternity!!
Once the door opened, the crowd just went wild. Of course, they all look a like, and you are frantically searching for your boy!! Anna found him!!!! She ran so fast, all I saw was a blonde blurr,
and she almost knocked him over!!!! To say we were happy is such an understatement!!

We are so thankful to our great God for his constant protection and His faithfulness!! Here are a few more pictures of the happy reunion!!
The next day, we through an Open House for him. We had a lot of faithful friends and relatives attend. It was a good day. We were only going on less than 4 hours of sleep, so by late afternoon we were all dragging. Poor Alex still doesn't know what time zone he's in. Sunday was church, and they had Alex say a few words, and then prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for his safe return.
Our church is filled with faithful prayer warriors!! You too, have been faithful, I know many of you have prayed for Alex, and asked about him on more than one occassion, and for that I am very grateful to each of you!! Thanks for visiting! God is Good!!!