Friday, December 28, 2007

A few FO's

I finally finished my sister in laws, neck cowl. I used Bernat Alpaca, and I actually did the pattern incorrectly. It called for a four row pattern and I missed the fact that one of the rows you repeat, but instead of the holes coming out in a line, they were veregated, kind of neat, and no one but me and the pattern designer would know it. I will try very hard to post a picture by the end of the day. It went fairly quickly, and I might even make myself one. Does anyone really knit for themselves?:) I have made so many things this past year, and given most of them away. That's really okay though, I like to see the faces of people who receive the stuff I make. I also have finished some quick and easy projects, like the knitted mug warmers from Interweave Press "Holiday Gifts" magazine. Wow, are these easy, quick and very fun to make. Makes for a nice little stocking stuffer.
I don't usually make new years resolutions, but I am going to try to be more organized with my knitting, and hopefully a least get the ideas down and perhaps even start knitting for Christmas before October. (lol)
Of course, that is after I teach and prepare for all the Bible studies I am involved with. My sunday school is doing Beth Moore's "Daniel". Wow, I didn't know there was so much in that book. Amazing what Beth does with it. God sure has given her insight. I am also preparing to take a Precept class on Ruth. If you are not familiar with a precept class, it is a very indepth study, and for someone who is an English major, I just love it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

First Post to New Blogspot

I am really new to this, decided on a whim to develop a blog, so here it goes. I really decided to name my blog what I did, because I plan to share many things that I love. I love the Lord, my family, knitting,etc. I have listed lots of them in my profile. I am a fairly new knitter, I guess, I have only been doing it seriously for about 2 years. I mostly get my inspiration from lots of sources, books, magazines, on-line,etc. I need to get a little better at cataloging my creations. I have quite a few, so far though, kind of small stuff. I get bored easy, and always want to start a new project. I did not get everything done for Christmas, but no one but me knows it. I did do a lot, kind of waited to long for ideas and to get started. Trying (along with getting organized) to start planning ahead now, and at least get some ideas down in a book. If you happen to have stumbled upon my blogspot, please be patient with me and come back especially with any helpful suggestions or tips. Thanks for reading my blog.