Friday, March 28, 2008

Excited Again!!

Okay, first of all, for all those bloggers who are posting pics of lovely springtime things, the only thing I could show is SNOW!! We got another inch or so last night. I know, its only March and its Michigan. Hopefully I'll have something springy to show soon. I have been working on a few things, but first let me add what I am so excited about again. I joined my first KAL. I know, I know so exciting! Go see my friend Jessica at Naturallyknitty and she'll get you all set up. We will be knitting the Elisa's Nest Tote. What a great idea for a spring project Jessica, especially with summer(hopefully) right around the corner. I can't wait to get started. The hardest decision is what color??? Maybe I'll do several............hmmmmmmm. Anyway, onto other subjects. My bible study class just started Ruth. I am teaching it this time. Still learning. Also my daughter and I went to see Jenison's Musical last night. They did a wonderful job with "Annie." Very fun. Also to be excited about, the dishcloth swap sign up closes today, so I will hear soon who my partner is. I have collected lots of things, and already finished the dishcloth, but I am anxious to learn specifics about this person, so I can send her special things that see likes. I will be anxious for my goodies as well. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snow Total

Okay, I promised a snow total. This isn't official, but after you've lived in Michigan for years, your good at estimating. I'll bet we got almost a foot. Enough to get the plows back out, the shovel's and make driving difficult. Today, however, the snow has stopped and our reward is a beautifully sunny day. I am doing lots of baking, (mini muffins) and preparing for Easter dinner tomorrow, which I am hosting for my in laws, sister-in-law and later in the day, his brothers family. I love entertaining and family is so nice a casual, although my kids claim that I only "cook fancy" when we have company. Well, my buzzer just went off, need to get the muffins. Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Snow - Oh No!!

Yes folks, this is not a typo, it is snowing!! We are suppose to get up to 8 inches. I'm goin' for that fat little ground hog :) We have already gotten about 2 inches in less than an hour, and did everybody forget how to drive!!! Oh boy. Need to go to my "happy place" Anybody know a good, and cheap desserted island!!!!!!!!!!! Just finishing up a few projects,since its snowing...........yeah, like I need an excuse:) Almost done with the Isabeau Purse by Sylvie Damey. Find her and it on Ravelry. Very cute, very little. Did some little pincushions too. One was with a small ball jar, and the other was done on top of a basket. See the zakkalife site on my sidebar. She is so wonderfully talented. So cute. Guess that's it for now. I'll let you know how much snow we end up getting, as this winter snow warning goes until tomorrow morning. Ugh!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So Excited!!

Yes, I'm back. When did February end and March be half over. Whoa! I have been so busy. Just an update on our son. He is much better, in school full time, but I am still packing his wound twice a day, there is still some infection. He is really sick of this, but is a trooper. Okay, the reason for the title. I just sent out my Angel Cloth for a dishcloth swap on a yahoo group. I think you can still join, doesn't really start until April. I have my first dishcloth done, can't wait to get some cool stuff from other knitters around the country. Dee has done a fabulous job organizing this. Thanks Dee. I know this seems like a small thing, and it is, that's the point. I know I couldn't handle socks, or anything bigger. I'm just not that fast yet. I will let you know what happens when I get my package. I also think I have figured out how to bypass the picture thing, so hopefully soon we will have pics. The biggest problem, is going to be not posting everything at once. I am still in the middle of a few things, so hopefully they will be wrapping up soon.
My Precept bible study got started last week in full force. I am so excited to be teaching. We are doing Titus. There is alot there, for such a little book. Last week was an overview, and this week we will be comparing the godly to the ungodly there in Crete and of course, it mimicks what we see today in our world. Only one more week then of Titus and we are off to Ruth and Kinsman Redeemer. It is so cool to see the threads weave throughout God's Word. Our God is good!!
Spring break is close, think I was reading on some blog (sorry can't remember who) that they are already having SB. Is everything early this year. Easter, Daylight Savings, elections... need I say more! What's up??
Guess I'll log off, I feel like I am rambling. One more thing though, I have also been beading my own stitch markers, I don't use many, as I don't really do sweaters, but I have some really cute ones. They are so easy to do. There are some great tutorials, just google "stitch markers". Thanks for listening, and keep knitting!!