Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well Finally!!!

Oh my goodness!! We've gone from prom around here to graduation and open house, to exhaustion. I keep saying, "I need to change my blog." That, however, would involve thought, effort, two things that seem to have left me recently. We have had a delightful time the last month, but wow, am I tired!! :) Ashleigh graduated and is one of those kids who enjoys ever moment she lives in. She is fun to watch, she soaks in everything... as she should!! She graduated on Thursday, May 28th, outside, and as you can see, the clouds were dark and threatened rain, but Praise the Lord, never did.
It was freezing...no, seriously, I had a thick sweatshirt, turtle-neck, and even some mittens on!! But no rain!! Family was all in for that, and then on Sunday, we had her open house here. We fed probably around 250 people. She had a taco bar, which really did seem to flow nicely, our backyard was full of people we love, and the sun was shining.

Oh and we also got to talk to our son from Iraq, as did many others, so what's not love!! We had a wonderful day!! Yes, and even in all that, I have managed to knit!! Actually, crochet. We have a team from church leaving for Brazil, and they needed 17(final count) dishcloths.

I crocheted them, because that goes faster, and got them all done!! I also made two dish towels for Mom's for mothers day. I didn't get a picture of my mom's which was purple and lime green. Will have to see if I can get that. They liked them. Now, will they use them!! You knitters know what I mean!! I think, besides Alex and Anna's blanket, I might cast on for a pair of summers socks for me. I haven't done a pair of socks in s
o long, I want to make sure I can. We have a few weeks respite then we are off for camping season, Jeff's sisters for the 4th. Then, Lord willing, we will be gearing up for Alex to come home. No official date yet, (and even when we do, I can't tell):) but it might be sooner than we expected!! He is pretty homesick, so do keep him in your prayers. I know several of you mention him alot, and I know your praying, and I thank you for that!! I am still blown away, that Christians, I may never meet until glory are praying for me and my family. How cool is our God!! Guess that's it. Oh! The garden is in. Maybe next time I'll take some pics of that new garden we put in last fall with my folks (remember that??) and show you what it looks like now!! But for now, that's all I've got. I've missed you, even though I have been keeping up with your blogs. As always, thanks for visiting me and come back soon.