Thursday, December 27, 2007

First Post to New Blogspot

I am really new to this, decided on a whim to develop a blog, so here it goes. I really decided to name my blog what I did, because I plan to share many things that I love. I love the Lord, my family, knitting,etc. I have listed lots of them in my profile. I am a fairly new knitter, I guess, I have only been doing it seriously for about 2 years. I mostly get my inspiration from lots of sources, books, magazines, on-line,etc. I need to get a little better at cataloging my creations. I have quite a few, so far though, kind of small stuff. I get bored easy, and always want to start a new project. I did not get everything done for Christmas, but no one but me knows it. I did do a lot, kind of waited to long for ideas and to get started. Trying (along with getting organized) to start planning ahead now, and at least get some ideas down in a book. If you happen to have stumbled upon my blogspot, please be patient with me and come back especially with any helpful suggestions or tips. Thanks for reading my blog.

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