Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Hi there all!! I really dislike coming up with titles :( But, I finally have somethings to share. Like my goodies from my swap partner Jill in Santa Rosa, California. Look at all these goodies. I was just blown away.
A beautiful dishrag done in a colorway that I do not recognize. Do any of you know what it might be? A great fingertip towel, beautiful sock yarn,
not to mention another skein of cotton quessed it, a dishrag!! Chocolates! Wow. Even a cute Fall spatula. Never seen on like it! It has little leaves in it, if you can't see it. Its so fun to receive these little goodies once a month. I sent mine out to my partner Karen, the very same day (go figure). It is going all the way to England this time. I tried to mail it out as early as I could, so hopefully it gets there before the end of the month. I made the cutest little amigurumi pumpkin.
It was so fast and easy. I think I shall make more of these. Probably could do it in red, add a leaf of some sort, and viola... an apple!! Nice way to use up odds and ends. Our weather here has been unreal. It was in the 80's most of last week. Now, however, it is in the mid to upper 50's. A little more normal. I love the hot, but you are almost ready for the coolness. Our colors are turning very nicely. Seems like lots of reds this year, which is my personal favorite. My husband and I are going antiquing this weekend with some friends, and I am taking the camera. So hopefully next week I'll have some pics of that. Of course, my friend is a knitter, so I will have specs for some projects, just in case ;) we see a yarn store here or there. :) I have been busy with work. I do love it, but for one who hasn't worked since before kids, really, it takes some adjusting. Plus I'm tired :) My Precept Bible study is going well. I know I haven't talked much about that, part of the busyness I guess. We are doing Covenant. It is just so cool to take this one very important concept, and see how even the simplest of details are of so much importance and meaning and how it all relates from Genesis to Revelation. Very cool stuff!!
Guess that's really everything, except to continue to thank all of you who leave such nice comments on my blog. It is such an encouragement to me!! That's all for now. THanks for stopping by and please come back! Hope you are having a beautiful Fall!!


Lil Knitter said...

Wow...those are awesome goodies! I love that sock yarn.
What a cute little pumpkin.
The weather here has been nuts too. You never know what to wear from one day to the next.

leah said...

What great goodies! I hate coming up with titles too!

Rebecca Jo said...

Love the pumpkin & how clever to think of changing to red for apples....what a fun little goodie for someone!

Karen (Rosesandtea) said...

Hi - I love your blog. Again, it seems we have a lot in common. I love doing Bible studies (don't have any currently going on though) and I love books. I hope to come by your blog often. Blessings,

Tea said...

Hi Suzanne!
Your swap partner sure spoiled you good with all that loot. Love the sock yarn colors.
Hope you have fun at the antique shops. Sounds like a lot of fun.