Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Actually, I'm not. We have been very busy with Alex's being home, and the upcoming wedding. And then even though I have no picture, I wasn't knitting at all when he came home. A few days before his arrival, I was wrestling with my 13 year old (who is acutally taller than Alex) and I ended up with a badly sprained ring finger, on my right hand. I had it in a brace for 3 weeks. I really did try to knit with it on, and I realized that I do use that finger more than I thought. So, no knitting. Argh!! That was tough! Did get a lot of reading done though!! :) Having Alex home is such a joy, he is so happy and giddy. Just glad to be home I guess!! :) After my finger healed, I had a few dishrags to finish for Anna. Her first shower, (given by my SIL Maribeth and Melia) was Sat. October 17th.
I was a beautiful sunny day ( one of the very few we've had). I knitted her 12 dishcloths. One for every month. For example, Jan - snowflake, Feb - pink hearts, March - green shamrock, etc. I think you get the idea. I wrapped them, actually rolled them into toilet paper tubes, and then wrapped them like candy, and put numbers on them, so she would open them in order, and put them into a cute little box.
It turned out quite cute, and she loved them.

I wish I would have taken pictures of each one, but I ran out of time. I do have them all written down though. We have been busily doing all sorts of little final details for the wedding in 5 weeks. Picking up extra hours at work hasn't helped with the knitting. Then, Christmas is right around the corner. We'll see! I did finish Lydia's shrug.
She won't actually wear it down the aisle, but I tried it on her before I put the sleeves in, and it fit her great. The pattern was from Knitting Pure and Simple, and is a size 4. All I need to do is block it and get a pink button for the top. I made the sleeves 3/4 as it called for only little cap sleeves.
That won't work for Michigan in November!! I sure hope our weather changes. Seriously, no sun, and lots and lots of rain. If we get as much snow as we have rain this fall, we will be buried this winter. I hope all of you have been good. I appreciate so much the sweet comments from my faithful readers. I see some of you are as behind as I am. As always, thanks for visiting, and come back soon. Hopefully with all that is going on around hear, I will try to do better at updating everything!!!


Tea said...

Hi Suzanne! Nice to hear from you. :)
Sorry to hear about your wrestlin' mishap. (Children will do just about anything to win a wrestlin' match, won't they...lol.)

Anna looks so happy! I'm sure the dishrags were beautiful. I love the way you wrapped them up!

Have a great week!

Tea said...

Oops! I forgot to say the li'l shrug is too adorable! Great job!

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