Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I know, better late than never!! What a whirlwind!! I hope each one of you had a blessed holiday season with family, friends, and celebrating the birth of Christ!! I decided since I have been so bad at posting, I would give you some eye candy!! I realized that I haven't put all my recent projects on this blog. I have had more computer issues this fall, which makes it difficult to post pictures, but I will try to catch you up. As for upcoming events, I am excited to be starting two new things in the coming weeks, I am taking a Beth Moore study on Esther!! Should be an excellent study, as it always is with Beth!! Then in February, I will begin teaching Ephesians in Precepts, which if you don't know is a Kay Arthur study. The Precept study is a lot more work than the Beth Moore study, not only because I am teaching, but it is just very detailed and goes back to the original Greek and Hebrew!! I love it, eventhough it requires many early mornings of study time. I learn so much!! I will keep you all updated, and if you've never done either study, I would challenge you to try one or the other or hey....BOTH!!! :)
We had a delightful Christmas season, with family, and friends. Alex and Anna returned from their honeymoon in Maui, and are doing great in their new apartment. She has it decorated so cute!!
Alex is officially off deployment!!! And received a special commendation while in Iraq. We, of course, are very proud of him and are grateful to the USMC for recognizing some of his unique abilities!! This is one of the Christmas presents this year, its a felted tote for my Mom. She wanted something to carry her Bible in, and it fits perfectly!! I used the Falling Leaves Pattern from Classic Elite, and the yarn was Cascade 220!! Love both. The pattern is real easy, and by pulling the new color yarn underneath the stitch, it creates that real straight line!! Very cool!! I also did a scarf for mom.
I used an Alpaca in ivory. The yarn is on my Ravelry notebook, sorry, I can't remember what is was now, but it was very soft and nice to work with. I haven't done a lot of lace work, but this was a fairly quick knit!! I also made a quick crocheted hat for my neice. She looks so cute in hats!! Made a different one for my nephew too, but not sure that picture is loaded. If it is, I'll post it. I am going to leave you with several pictures from the past month. As always thanks for visiting. I do visit your blogs, but have been real behind in lots of things due to all these computer issues. Happy 2010! Hope to hear from you!!

This is a cowl that I finally finished, started it over a year ago!! I love the color and the pattern is linked on my Ravelry page.


Hicks Family said...

Nice to see the update. It's so sad that our poor boys were made to lap water out of bowls like that. I hope people realize that it was only a game, not their Christmas dinner. :)

Tea said...

Hi! It's great to hear from you! Looks like you had a great time with family over the holidays.

I love that bag! Your knitting was excellent on it. I'm lovin' the scarf, too. :)

Take care. :)

Grand Purl Baa said...

Hello Suzanne
Thanks for visiting GPB and your lovey comments.

It must be wonderful to have your boy home safe and sound.
The very best to you.