Monday, April 26, 2010

Let the Gardening Begin!

Hi Everybody!!
I am so excited that gardening season is upon us!! We have had a very interesting, but nice spring here in Michigan. On March 31 and April 1st, we actually slept with our windows open!! It was 80 degrees!! I don't believe I've ever done that!! However nice, I do know that it was too hot too fast, and would not last. It didn't, but it did give way to a nice spring with lots of blooming going on!. I also have added (thanks to my DH and Son #2) three more gardens!! They are raised beds, two are 12x4's and one is 6x4. I would have liked them 12x6's but there was a little miss communication(translated, they didn't really listen to me!!). Shhhh don't tell them I said that!! :) My sons Greg and Eric built them for me, and actually shoveled in all the dirt while I was at work. Thanks to all my guys!! :) Having these extra beds allows me to plant some things that I simply have not had room for, also will allow me some crop rotation in the coming years.
I planted peas, garlic, shallots and brussel sprouts for the first time, oh, and potatoes. These are already in the ground. I will also have room for beans, and Swiss chard, which I am very anxious to try. I will have more room for more herbs, like Basil that I use a lot of!! Here are some pictures of me and my DH laying out the grids with string.

I also got lots of lettuces planted!!
I have been knitting. Made some more of those baby bell bottom pants, but can't find the pictures. Made them in a pretty chocolate brown with a cute little pink onesie. Made a nice little gift. Our church seems to be a baby factory!! I'm sure not drinking the water!! :) I finally finished my Circle Socks. Last August, DH and I went to Wisconsin and found a beautiful yarn shop in an old bank. I found some Ty Dy Sock yarn by Knit 1 Crochet Two, in the color mineral. I love it!! Wanted to do Jaywalkers, but I think this yarn was too splitty so I saw these Circle Socks on Ravelry and thought that would work better. I do like this pattern, and modified the instep with a diamond decrease. Not original idea, Lilia on Ravelry came up with it and it works out beautifully!! Thanks Lilia!! I also modified the toe, not sure what you call it, but you end with the kitchner stitch, which I love. The original pattern calls for the Star Toe, which I do not love. So, I am all in all very happy with these.
If you read my Ravelry project page, you will see the many issues I have had with these socks. Knitter problem, not the pattern!! :)
Onto the other sock!! Might actually make a little pair of flip flop socks, (see Ravelry). We attend a church family camp in June, and they might just be the thing for those early morning trips to the bath house!! Hope you all are having a wonderful spring!! More knitting and gardening pictures as they come!! Thanks as always for visiting. Please leave a comment!! I love to hear from you!! Blessings, Suzanne.

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Tea said...

Hi there! Oh, I love a garden;I sure wish I could garden instead of incessant working on this old house. Thanks for the nice thoughts. :)

I love the socks!
Have a great week!