Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oops, forgot a title!

Hi everyone, sorry I've been gone, but yes wedding planning is already happening around here. I went with Anna and her mom and dad yesterday to pick out the location for the reception!! I think we found a beautiful place. We were very impressed!! I really appreciated them asking me to go, cuz after all, I am only the mother of the groom! However, we are good friends with Anna's folks, so I'm sure they will be gracious and include us a lot! This is sooo fun!!
On the knitting front, this is all I got!! This is my neck cowl with the yarn I won from blogger friend Peaknits. I am a little further than the picture shows, and its almost done. I also am working on a beautiful dish cloth for my August Swap partner, Its crocheted, but I love the stitch. Easy, but a nice thick fabric. It is called the Bark Sedge Stitch. Really weird name, but nice :) I'll show pics after I send it off. Went home for a couple days to see my mom and dad. They don't live far, but my mom has the most beautiful flower gardens, enough to rival any garden magazine, and she just added a big terraced thing in her front yard. My nephew, Lincoln, and his family did most of the work, and I think it really was even Lincoln's brainstorm. He's only 17, but wow, he did a great job. However, do you think I took any pics............sorry ;)
I am leaving Saturday for Chicago with our family and Anna's family for a week of fun and sun, so I probably won't be around for a while, but I promise to have lots of pics to make up for this one. Hope you have a great middle of August............argh school and fall are right around the corner.............weren't we just waiting for summer to get here??????????


leah said...

Love how the yarn is knitting up!

Tea said...

Oh, that yarn is beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished!

Tea said...

Hi, Suzanne! Looks like we're on the same DRTS team! Cool.