Monday, August 18, 2008

Home again, Home again...

I'm back......... Wow, how come it seems like you go away on vacation, but you need to come home and "rest up" from it. We had a wonderful time at SIL house in northern Illinois. We had absolutely perfect weather, and everyone had a safe time. With all the tubing, wakeboarding, kneebording, and jet skiing, that is no small thing!! Plus the number of people doing it. We took Anna's family with us for several days. They are amazing friends, even before the engagement, and they are fabulous house guests. We had a ball. Even managed to go out to eat for an "adult" dinner one night, as we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. I also talked with a dear childhood friend the other night. We send Christmas cards every year, but its not the same as talking and hearing her voice, of course she sounded like her mom. She was a wonderful friend, and our families did a lot together, so often, she seemed more like a sister (of which I had none, neither did she). I have many fond childhood memories of our times together. One of the most memorable, and there is a picture to prove it, Friend Vicki lost her tooth, I had a loose one, and Vicki's mom LOVED to pull teeth. Need I say more. The picture is of both of us smiling, with big gobbes of cotton stuffed in our teeth. I love you, Maddy!!! :) LOL. If I ever find that picture, it surely will end up here!!
Anyway, nice to catch up with you Vicki!!!
Onto Knitting News. Notice, I have no pictures. Well that is mostly b/c I forgot to take my camera. Argh! I told my family that none of my blogger friends will even believe I really go on vacation, cuz I never post any pics. We really do go :) I did knit, and will take pics soon. I crocheted several little washcloths, for a friend that is having her baby this friday. Reminds, me, that I missed a wedding shower while I was gone, so need to knit up some dishrags for her. Whew. I am almost done with my Pebble Rib socks, I should have pics soon. It really is a great pattern. I will post all the specifics, when I do the pics.
One last thing, thank you so much to my blogger friend over at Sew Take a Hike (see my sidebar). She had a lovely post the other day, and mentioned a few blogs that she had visited, and why she liked them. She listed mine!! I was so excited!! Thanks!! I had to laugh though, she said she found my blog "peaceful". I think that is wonderful, and I am very glad it makes her feel that way, eventhough sometimes, my life feels anything but peaceful, I am glad that she visits and feels that way. I hope your visit was as pleasant! Thanks for stopping by!


Wool Winder said...

Happy Anniversary. I've been married the same number of years.

Tea said...

Hey, I'm so glad you're back!
Missed ya, especially with the DRTS started.

Rebecca Jo said...

Welcome back! Rest up from that vacation - (I completely understand what you mean too!)