Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little Busy

Well, as I said, still trying to figure out this new computer, but I did manage to download all my new pictures, so I figured it was time to change the ole' blog. Thanks to all my (few) faithfuls (you know who you are). I miss hearing from you and I do so appreciate your comments!! I have been busy in the...well actually, more crochet right now than knitting. I am in the process of knitting that Moderne Blanket for Alex and Anna. Wow what a huge project. I will take pictures soon, but I feel guilty knitting anything else, when I have so far to go on that. So, what is a knitter to do? .... Crochet of course... that doesn't count!! :) I made some real fast projects though that were great stash busters! First, is the Stitchy Scrubbie I found in the latest issue of Crochet Today. Isn't this fabulous!! The directions were a little strange sounding, but if you follow them then you get this. Just great. I will definitely be making more of these.
The only thing is that the yarn needs to be doubled. I hate that, cuz that means making two balls instead of one, and I will avoid one if I can. I need a ball winder!! Hum!! The next project was a tote.
I did find this pattern somewhere, but simply took the basic directions out of a crochet instruction book for a flat circular bottom. I think I did 7 rounds, then you crochet through the back loop with you first color, and then every color, I used a different stitch, which in crochet means a different length. Make the thing as tall as you want, do the same for the handle, and Viola' instant great summer tote. I have gotten a lot of compliments on this.
Just makes me think summer. I like it!!
I have made a couple dishrags, but they are for swap, and I haven't sent them out yet, so next post I will show you those. Maybe I will have more scrubbies made by then. Guess that is all for now. This is going to be a whirlwind month, our daughter is graduating, every concert and piano and voice recital is scheculed for this month, plus one son in track, not to mention getting ready for her open house. Whew! I'm tired already! :) As usual, thanks for stopping and hopefully I can post soon. Should have lots to share! :) Have a great day!


Tea said...

Howdy, Girl!
_clinks Suzanne's sweet tea glass_ :)

What a cool summer purse! That was a great idea and good especially for stashing bustin'.

Now, turn your head a minute, Suzanne. Don't look!

To the Kids of Suzanne: Your mama wants/needs a BALL WINDER for Mother's Day! Now, let's get out there and find one, okay? You're such good kids. :)

Wool Winder said...

I love both of these projects! If only I knew how to crochet...

sewtakeahike said...

Nice work on the tote Suzanne! I love the colors, it's so bright and cheery!