Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring and Prom (picutre heavy post!)

Well, spring has sprung around here, trees are budded and blooming and of course that means Prom.
Our daughter is a senior, as had her prom this past Saturday.
Here are a few shots of her and her friends. She has more friends, but these kids have grown up together. THey had a beautifully sunny day. Although a little windy, still beautiful. Ashleigh is the one in yellow (duh!).
Another thing with spring is the fact that Alex will miss it this year. I think I will send him some pictures. He says all he sees is sand. :) The dishcloths you see are crocheted, and are for our churches mission trip to Brazil in June. I have a couple more weeks,( I'm making twelve of them to take to the 12 pastors wives), but this is such an easy, and nice pattern.
Easy to memorize and makes a really nice thick, nubby fabric. Also, is the nice swap package I got from Diana.
I still won't show hers, yet, as I'm not sure she's gotten it yet. I had all the stuff, almost the entire month, just didn't get it mailed out. She made me a beautiful butterfly dishcloth
and a very cool sunflower. Looks hard to me.
She sent me a lot of other goodies. Very fun. I am taking a couple months off of the swap, due to all the busyness around here. Oh yes, how could I forget, look what I got from my mother and father-in-law for mothers day... a beautiful vintage apron. I see many aprons on lots of your blogs (lovely by the way) and I have several already, but this one matches my living room, which is visible from my kitchen.
I wore it today in fact, had to take it off for the pictures. Fun, Fun! If I ever get real adventurous, I might actually make my own. Sewn, not knit. I have added the fourth color(red) on Alex and Anna afghan, when I get a little more done, I will show you. It does look real pretty, still think its a huge project. Maybe wedding, maybe 1st anniversary, we'll see!! LOL :) Anyway, I know I rambled a bit, but thanks as always for visiting, and come back soon!!


Kay-From the Back Yard said...

It's an exciting day for the young ones, and they all look so nice in formal dress!

Christy said...

there's nothing like prom and pretty spring weather!

Tea said...

Hi there!
Oh, I'm going to have to fire bloglines for not letting me know about this post..grr.

I love, love that vintage apron! I have a pattern that is similar, but yours is cuter than mine.

Love the dishcloths!

sewtakeahike said...

great photos of your daughter Suzanne!

vanessa said...

The apron is gorgeous! what a wonderful gift. Love the fabric, it's so pretty.
It's so nice to see the beautiful belles of the ball, they all look wonderful, and so happy. Proms are the most wonderful events aren't they?
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)