Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Many ways can you knit a Sock???

Well, I have done it 3 ways, and I know there are more!! I finished these green socks not long after the 4th holiday, just haven't had time to post them.
They were my first sock using Magic Loop!! They were done cuff down, which is how I have always done socks. Now....ta.da!!! My first toe-up sock using Magic Loop!! I also used a new cast on with this, it is Judy Becker's Magic Cast on as demonstrated on You Tube by Cat Bordhi. She is a riot, if you've never watched her...her story while doing the demo is a bit annoying, but it really is funny and you do remember.
This shot is where I am, almost done with the gusset, (easier going toe up by the way)!!!
These socks actually might be a tad to big, but since they are my first toe up, I am just going with the process, I will either try to shrink them, or find someone who has a bigger foot than I do, which perhaps will be my daughter...hmmm...maybe a Christmas present in the making!!! I am truely amazed however, how quickly these go compared to dpn's...amazing!!! :)
Oh I am going to be a test knitter!!! Never done that before!! Found a pair of socks on ravelry, and they were beautiful. Christabel can be found on ravelry, or at her site, She is from Perth, Australia, and she is going to let me test knit these beautiful socks!! She has done them in a pretty varigated color, I may try them with a solid, we'll see. I'll keep you informed as to my progress!! :) I'm so excited!!! Other than that, our summer.......wait.....oh ya...Michigan isn't having summer this year, we are the land that summer forgot!! No lie, this is the coldest July on was 52 here the other evening, and has been rainy...shall I go on!!
Talked to Alex the other day, and he got official word of when he'll be home, I can't really post that, but do know that it's sooner than my ticker!! We are so excited!! So is he!!!
Guess that's it, as usual, thanks for visiting!!


Tea said...

Great lookin' socks! I so love Magic favorite.

Congrats on Alex coming home sooner than expected. Cool.

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

Are you a convert to toe up?