Monday, August 30, 2010

Catching Up!

Hi there!! Remember me? Its been a while, but I have lots of busyness to account for my absence. First, I had computer issues most of the summer. I even spent some time this morning visiting most of my favorites, because I couldn't even do that. Anyway, problem seems to be solved, and I will try to catch me up with you all. After the 4th of July, things were just nuts. My Dad had surgery the middle of July, and that turned out wonderfully, I think I did mention that in my last post. We spent a weekend the first of August at my SIL beautiful home,
and did some relaxing.
I pretty much floated in the water and read!! I did stick some knitting in there too. Then on August 13th and 14th, we went to my folks and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!!! We kept everything pretty low key, they didn't want a big party, so we played games, my neice Lindsay tried on Mom's dress, and then on Saturday night, we had a delicious meal at Tippecanoe Place, which is the old Stutebaker Mansion. Very beautiful place. It was very nice, to just "be" as a family, not have a real mission, and to just hang around, play games, and laugh, which we did!! It really was a fun weekend.
Not to spoil the happiness of that wonderful celebration, but that very same weekend, ended up holding emmense saddness for us. On Friday, our little dog, Mia was fine, and due to a freaky, auto immune disease, she was gone by Monday mornning. For whatever reason, her body started mass producing white blood cells, and killing all her red ones. She kept getting more yellow(due to the lack of oxygen in her blood) and more lethargic as the weekend progressed. I have had other dogs, but I can't even tell you with words, how much I miss her. She was such a true companion, with me everywhere I went, as she has left a huge void in our home, and in my life.

Amazing what 8 pounds of fluffy little dog can do. We miss her very much.
So as not to leave you on a sad note, my garden is in full harvest. My beans are just about done, and the zucchini as well. I harvested quite a few potatoes on Saturday, and have lots of tomatoes still coming. Kids are also gearing up for school. Ashleigh started her second year of college, and the boys start after Labor Day. Eric has already had one football game. Guess that is a wrap up of our busy summer. Hope yours was relaxing. Thanks as always for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry about your loss. Oh man. I have tears in my eyes. *hugs*

Tea said...

Hi Suzanne, I'm glad you had a relaxing vacation. I love water whether is a tubful or the ocean!
Sorry to hear of your loss. I so know how that feels as we lost our rat terrier, Charlie just a few months ago.
Have a great week. :)

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