Monday, January 31, 2011

Trying to Come Back

Well, where to start. Have to say, that we are glad that 2010 is gone. In a lot of ways, it was a really hard year. Things are starting out a little difficult, but will swiftly be returning to a state that will be easier to live in!! I know that all sounds pretty criptic, but there is just too much to even write about. I am trying this blog again, but much of my absence last year were due to computer issues. I will never buy another Dell again. I am on that now, so please be patient, and hopefully soon I will have a new computer and this will be easier. It is quite a task to update this on my current computer. Having said all that, I realize that I have probably lost a lot of my faithful readers, so if your new to my blog, please leave me a message, and if you are an old friend, bless you for sticking around!! :) I have I guess two big things to really talk about, then I will just do a small photo montage, of all my knitting, (which has been quite numerous!). After what happen to our little Mia in August, I really wasn't in a hurry to get another dog, and if you aren't a dog lover you won't get this, but I knew I would know when the right dog came along. Well, Thanksgiving weekend, we welcomed Zoe into our family.(Cute picture that is supposed to be here will have to wait, more computer issues. Did I say how much I hate Dell).

She is half ShizTzu and half Lhasa Apso. She will probably be a little bigger than Mia, but she is adorable, and has fit into our family so well. In fact, I told my DH that if I believed in reincarnation (which I do NOT), I would swear Mia is in there somewhere!! Just some of the little habits she has is eearily like Mia. But we are enjoying her for who she is and she has been a delight!! Plus, she's cute as ever!! :) I have also been knitting up a storm over the holidays. I was asked by several friends to make these cute crocheted hats and the little detachable flowers. I was really "pumpin" them out there for a while. Right now, I have been asked to make a shawl for a charity auction at the end of February. Will post picures and let you know how that all turns out later. For now, thanks for reading and visiting my blog, and here are some photos of the end of our year. Please stop back by. Thanks, Suzanne


Tea Party Daily said...

Howdy Stranger! *giggles* jk Now, how could we desert you, no way! Just tickled to hear from you, as always. :o) We have friends who hate their Dell, too, so I can understand what your going through with it. I'm glad you found Zoe, can't wait to see pictures of her. We're waiting till we move before looking for another critter. Those hats are adorable! I can see why they're so popular! And the shawl is gorgeous! Hope you get a new pc soon, have a great week!

Tea Party Daily said...

Oh my goodness, she's adorable! There's alot of personality in that little face, too. She's too cute, Suzanne! Really cute! Love those two hats at the bottom, too! Btw, I know a woman named Zoe that ain't half that cute, lol.

Lindsay Hicks said...

BEAUTIFUL purple shawl Aunt Suzie!