Friday, June 27, 2008

Elephants, Turtles and Frogs, Oh My!

Yes, I have been up to my ears in animals. I finally finished Susan B. Anderson's Elephante. Only started the thing several months ago, but now that I am under a deadline (my nephew's 1st birthday, July 26th) I get it done. It really was an easy knit, but the changing color thing every two rows got to me when doing the trunk. But, he turned out cute, hope Lance likes him. Then I have been bitten by the amigurumi bug. I probably spelled it wrong, but I think you know what I mean. I found the most adorable frog and turtle from Their free pattern library is very nice, and these guys were just too cute. Took me two days to make both of them. I just love that little frog. Might make one for me. No kidding. :) Need to start on his hat, going to say no more, cuz I think his mom reads my blog. She'll see it soon enough. I am going to Chicago to my SIL's in a couple days, and I have packed enough knitting projects to last me a month. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah, kids, responbilities, blah, blah, blah. :).

My youngest son got a little bent today, when he saw my blog and saw that I have posted pics of my oldest son, and my dog, so in order to please him, here is a picture of him. He just turned 12 last month, and is a wonderful son. A little goofy. Did I type that out loud? We love you, " Stinky." Yes, don't get offended, that is his nickname. Please, no letters.
Guess I am off to start Lance's hat. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Thanks for stopping.



Lil Knitter said...

Oh I am so in love with that elephant! He is just too, too cute!
What yarn did you use? I so gotta make one soon.

Wool Winder said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

I also enjoy knitting toys. Haven't seen that frog pattern before. He's really cute!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh - your little creatures are adorable!!!

Tea said...

I agree with lil knitter; that's the cutest elephant ever saw! Did you use sock yarn? It's adorable!

Lori Casto said...

hey Suzie, i found your blog, i love the elephant!!! it was fun having dinner, walking and talking with both you and jeff, i look foward to our next gathering