Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One lone Sock!!

Okay well not quite two, but at least one is done. This pattern is actually from Plymouth Yarn Co. Just their basic ribbed sock. But, it is the same as the summer anklet sock in the May issue of Creative Knitting Magazine. I had to frog this the first time, b/c I didn't quite understand the heel, but I was just slipping wrong. Now that I have it, I love this pattern. Very simple really. I love the way this yarn did it's stripe thing. Of course I love orange, so there you go. This yarn was 1/2 off at my LYS, I think I paid a whole $2.50 for the one skein, but I will easy get one pair of socks, and probably a few mini pairs (for those cute little keychain socks) Love, love. I will post both socks when the other is done, but my hands need to take a small break from size 2 needles. Think I will do another hyperbolic dishcloth (see below). Really people, I'm not kidding, you should really try them, they are fun and very addicting. Guess that is all for now. However, please pray for Sarah, one of my blogging friends, as she miscarried her baby girl this past week. Hit me like a ton of bricks, we lost twins, 21 years ago, but you never forget. I will be so anxious to see my little ones in Jesus' arms when I get there!! Of course, my grandmothers might have something to say about that! Please remember Sarah and her family. Thanks.



Rebecca Jo said...

Isn't Heaven going to be the best reunion of loved ones! Thank goodness its for eternity! Its going to take that long to love on everyone!
Prayers definitely go out to your friend - miscarriages are so hard!

Allena said...

thanks for commenting on my blog, i will keep your friend sarah in my prayer.

love your sock BTW can't wait to meet it's mate!

Ann said...

The sock is so well knitted & I love the heel. Great job. Thanks for visting my blog & your lovely comments.