Monday, September 22, 2008

Comings and Goings

Hi all, this is a picture of all the cool stuff sent to me by Bobbi, for our monthly dishcloth swap over at yahoo. The theme was "emergency kit" so you'd have all the essentials, for keeping something in your car, so you can always be knitting. I thought this little kit was just too fun. It has everything in it, from circular needles, to a crochet hook, to stitch markers and a row counter. I thought the dishrags were very pretty. One (the coffee cup) is knitted, and the other one is done in crochet. Bobbi, like me does both. I thought the color was beautiful, kind of a salmon color. Very nice. Thanks Bobbi for spoiling me once again.
Then here is the items I sent to Karen in New York, for the Dish Rag Tag (see sidebar) that I was involved with this month. Everything stopped when I got that box, as you might have read in my last post. Hope she liked everything, I do believe that she has sent the box on to the next person already. That was really fun too!

I just sent out Bobbi's stuff today, so I can't show you the pictures of those items, but I will in a couple of days, to make sure she gets it before I post it. I can't wait to put my emergency kit in the car. Just need to pick out a pattern, and stick it in there, and then I will always have at least a dishrag going. :) Fun, fun!
Also, just joined Facebook. Long story on why, but I;m there. It seems a lot harder to me than blogging, and I am not going to give up blogging, but maybe its a little bit more "instant" than blogging. If your on Facebook, look me up. I guess that's really it for now. I have to go shopping, our daughter - in-law to be's birthday is tomorrow. 19. Wow, remember when? My birthday is Friday, but lets just say I won;t be 19!! :)
Guess that's it, I thought I had more pictures, but can't seem to find them. I will check, and you might be hearing from me later in the week. For now, I'm glad you stopped by, Thanks for visiting. Hope you have a great week!


leah said...

What lovely packages! I love a good swap!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the emergency package has chocolate in it!!!!!

Tea said...

Whoa, that emergency kit is a great idea! I have to get one now.
Love the cloths, too.

You sent some great stuff off to Karen. I'm sure she was happy to receive it all. I could use a dark chocolate miniature right now!

Suzanne is having a birthday, Y'all!!!! Happy Birthday to you, Girl!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what pretty goodies!! How fun!

Penny said...

Thats a great swap package Suzanne, I can't wait to see what you sent her!

Lil Knitter said...

What an awesome thing..Emergency Kit.
I need to put one of those together for my car.
Congrats on the goodies!