Monday, September 15, 2008


Finally, I have finished a few items, and I have been waiting for this! I am a part of this years Dish Rag Tag. Emily over at Yarn Miracle is orchestrating this, and she is doing a fantastic job. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I got my package today, from Karen in Illinois, and I have to get the cloth done tonight, and then mail it out first thing tomorrow. Had the mail come a little earlier today, I could have gotten it out today. I am on the Cotton Queens team. We will win, cuz we are Queens and we rule. Sorry, really bad pun there!! Couldn't help myself. Karen really out did herself, as you can see, especially since the box isn't that big. Thanks Karen!! Next up are my socks. I started these way back the beginning of February, when our middle son ended up in the hospital. I got the first one done pretty quickly, but have been so slow with the second one. Finally, they are done!! They look like one is bigger than the other, but they aren't, they fit like a glove!! Very nice!! They are the thickest ones I've done. I have already cast on for another pair. I am doing Jaywalkers from Grumperina. You can find the pattern and more of her great designs on Ravelry. I am getting ready to send out my monthly dishcloth swap stuff, but I can't post pictures until she has it. I think I'm sending it to Bobbi in New Jersey. So fun!!

Our oldest and only daughter passed her driving test tonight. She is finally a legal driver. It will be very helpful, especially for herself, as she will have lots of extra commitments this year. I want to take a moment, and thank all of you who left such positive, and encouraging comments on my blog recently. I know that I will probably never meet many of you, maybe none of you, but it is so cool to sit back and watch the Lord bring people into your life through many different avenues. Thanks again!!

On that note, some serious news to tell. I waited a little while to tell this, b/c we needed to make sure that all our family knew before I posted this. As many of you know, our oldest son is a Marine. He has been called up, and will be leaving soon to fulfill his duty to our country. This is a tuffy people. On one hand, I am so filled with pride that I feel like I might just bust, but at the same time he is my baby. And this is hard on a mothers heart. I KNOW that beyond a shadow of a doubt, that wherever he goes, he is in the Lord's will and that the Lord will protect him!! I would ask that you remember him in your prayers, and not just him, but every son and daughter that is serving our country, whether they are here or abroad. Needless to say, the wedding is still on, but will be pushed out to a later date. Anna is going to make a great helpmate for him, she is already being so positive, and has such a great attitude about the whole thing. Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." God has been faithful and He can and will continue to be faithful!! Thanks for stopping by.


leah said...

The dish rag tag looks like great fun! thanks for the reminder to pray for those who so willingly serve our country. It is so easy to forget just how much we have to be thankful for living in this country....we can worship freely, feel safe, and live freely. Your son (your family) will be in my prayers as will all those serving!!

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you...I know the separation will be difficult for all of you.

Wool Winder said...

Thank your son for me. I have the highest respect for those serving our county. Praying for his safety and your peace of mind.

Rebecca Jo said...

I will definitely hold up your son in prayers, along with all the military - those people each hold one another up & protect one another - they all need our prayers. I know you as a mother have to be nervous, but hold tight to your faith! You know & understand more than you holding onto him, God is holding onto him - in the palm of His hand! Find strength in that when you feel weak!

Tea said...

Go, Cotton Queens!
Love the dishcloth Karen sent..her knitting is so uniform. I can't wait to get hold of that box!! Although, when I knit fast it could turnout lookin' scary. yikes

Your socks are gorgeous!! I've been looking at sock patterns this morning and was considering the Jaywalker pattern. Those are very cool.

Way to go to your daughter for getting her license! Legal is good! _chuckles_

We will keep your son in our prayers! He is invincible until the time the Lord has appointed for his don't worry.

rohanknitter said...

Yay, great job on getting your dishcloth out! I am glad you like your little trinkets. I was planning to send that soak but was kinda sorry to be giving it away, LOL, but then I got one of my own in my little box, perfect! Congrats to your daughter on being "legal" and my heart goes out to you about your son- I can only imagine the mixed feelings a mother would have. Please thank him from our family for serving this country.

Lil Knitter said...

Aww...look at the little cutie! Just want to pinch those cheeks. :P
Good luck with the DRT. I am so glad I was tagged early.

Denise said...

Sending hugs, not an easy thing to be going through right now, but give your son thanks and hugs from me and my family. My hubby served in the USAF for 19 years, that's how come I met him when he was stationed in England ;-)

Hicks Family said...

Congratulations to Ash!!!

We are praying for Alex!