Monday, September 8, 2008

What a Week!

Hi all, Where did the week go? The kids started back to school. My son, the freshman, is the only one who didn't want to even talk about school until the day it started, so when I offered several times, to go walk around the school and find his classes, he did not want to. Okay. So, when he got home the first day of school, he said, "I didn't find one class on time." "I thought I was never going to find the gym." Which my daughter, the senior, replied,"We have two!" My son just shook his head and said, "Don't tell me that, I found the one I needed!!" The next day, I asked him how it went, and in his proudest manner said, "I was only late to two classes today!!" We're getting there!!!!!!!! :) My daughter, again the senior, is determined to enjoy everyday of this year, and so she should. She's a fairly good student, if its a music class, and her schedule is fairly easy this year. That's as it should be!!! She'll have a ball!!
Our youngest started junior high (lots of milestones this year). He is also playing football. The games start this Wednesday. I do not mind football, until the weather starts to get "Yucky." I think he plays tightend, and maybe kicker. They are still trying out for that one. He is our little social butterfly! Its gonna be a fun 6 years with him!!!!!!
I started my new job on Thursday. I got a job (part time) at our local library. The gals I have met so far are very nice and eventhough its different than I thought, I really think I will enjoy it. I just love being around books. Trouble is, I see all this stuff that looks good, that I haven't read yet, and my list is already growing!! Yikes!!
I also started my bible study last week. It really was an introduction class, so the first lesson is this week. I have a great group of ladies, who are hungry to study God's word. We are doing "Covenant". It is the Precept Study, by Kay Arthur, that I mentioned in a much older post. They are pretty in depth, and more time consuming than most studies. I also start teaching piano lessons today. I only have 4 students today, and then 3 on Thursday, when I get home from the Library. Not too bad!
I did have a special priviledge on Sunday, I was asked by a gentleman back in August to sing at a veterans home here in Grand Rapids. I was so honored to so. I sang "God Bless America" and "Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone." Just when you think your going to go do something and bless them, they end up blessing you!!!!!!!! I wore my MOM Marine Shirt, and several of them gave me a "Sempre Fi." I wish I had the time to hear their stories. I'm sure they are amazing.
Yes, there has been knitting. Seems like I have pumped out a lot of dishcloths, so fast, that I haven't even had time to get pictures, before they are out the door. Two of them are on their way to Guatemala today with my girlfriend. She is flying back there to see her ailing father, so I made a couple for her mom. I hope to finish up my socks, I am anxious to start a new pair. I also am almost done with a cowl. Pictures soon!! Thanks for your visit, and I hope I didn't ramble too much!! Have a great week!!


Penny said...

Hi Suzanne, you are one busy and talented person! Even though we have never formally "met" each other I can tell you are truly a blessing and inspiration to those around you. It sounds like you had an awesome week!

Rebecca Jo said...

Wow - you do have milestones going on with kiddos! In a few weeks, your son will be cruising the halls saying he was late only because he was talking! :-)

Lil Knitter said...'ve been busy. School starting back is one hectic time...I totally understand. I miss youngest played in for a year and then decided he didn't want to play anymore. It was so much fun. My oldest son just started high school and he signed up for ROTC. He looks so nice in his uniform...think maybe he's looking at a career in the military. It makes me proud and scares me to death at the same time.
Now, sit down and rest woman. Knit something! :P

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm tired now. Whew!

My son is a freshman in high school too. He's doing pretty good...finding all of his classes...but he never did get an SGA club form. Oh well. My 11th grade daughter wasn't any help either.

I took a Kay Arthur precepts study many years ago, when my daughter was a baby. I remember how fantastic it was. She has a very unique way of studying the Bible. Good luck with it, and congratulations on the new job! I'm glad it's going well too!

Lindsay Hicks said...

Hi Aunt Suzie,
I just wanted to let you know that I made a wash cloth yesterday! It took about an hour and a half or so! (It's from the yarn you gave me last christmas!!!!)
When we go to Suriname I will be teaching the MK girls to knit! Since they don't need scarves, we will make wash clothes, baby bibs, and baby caps!! I am really looking forward to it!
I'm hoping to make a baby bib today!

Okay, I better go!

Your Neice,

Denise said...

Sounds like you had a busy week! I started a Beth Moore bible study last week 'Psalms of Ascent'. I love Beth Moore and saw her live in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago:)
Hope you can find time for knitting ;)

leah said...

Wow Suzanne! You've been busy! DH and I actually met working at the library as teenagers. We really enjoyed the work. I hope it works well for you! Piano lessons too! kids to school! Bible study! Hats off to you for finding time to knit! :)

Lindsay Hicks said...

Hi again Auntie!
I do have a bib pattern that you gave me awile ago, but I don't have a hat pattern, and I think I will need one.
I have three girls that I will be teaching. I haven't gotten any needles or yarn yet, but I hope to be able to take them some.
What kind of yarn is best for bibs, wash clothes, and hats? I really have no idea! :)
Thank you for your help!!


Elizabeth - Scrappygolden said...

I've always wanted to do a Precepts class - please post about yours as you go along and let us know how you like it!

And you are one busy lady!

Lindsay Hicks said...

Hi Aunt Suzie,

In Suriname they put hats on babies when they are born in the hospital. For some reason they think they with freeze without one (even in 90+ temperatures)! So I will probably need the baby one. I don't think older poeple use them.
Is the rolled brim hat used for babies? If so, does it use three needles? I have never made anything with three needles,so would it be easy enough to learn in time to teach them?

Where is the best (ie cheapest):) place to get yarn & needles?

Thank you SO much for your help!!!


LeAnn said...

Ah, senior year of high school . . . that brings back fond memories . . . to be that carefree again. I hope your daughter enjoys every minute. Found your website thru Foothills of the Great Smoky Mtn blog. Great site (yours and hers).

Tea said...

Hi Suzanne!
I love the new look on your blog! It takes awhile for me to load..dial-up, but it was worth it. (30 minutes)

Whoa, you are a busy lady! What a wonderful time for all your children.
Both my girls lived and breathed music. Youngest plays at church now.

Oh, I hope the box is at your house on Monday! Go, Cotton Queens!!!

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