Friday, June 27, 2008

Elephants, Turtles and Frogs, Oh My!

Yes, I have been up to my ears in animals. I finally finished Susan B. Anderson's Elephante. Only started the thing several months ago, but now that I am under a deadline (my nephew's 1st birthday, July 26th) I get it done. It really was an easy knit, but the changing color thing every two rows got to me when doing the trunk. But, he turned out cute, hope Lance likes him. Then I have been bitten by the amigurumi bug. I probably spelled it wrong, but I think you know what I mean. I found the most adorable frog and turtle from Their free pattern library is very nice, and these guys were just too cute. Took me two days to make both of them. I just love that little frog. Might make one for me. No kidding. :) Need to start on his hat, going to say no more, cuz I think his mom reads my blog. She'll see it soon enough. I am going to Chicago to my SIL's in a couple days, and I have packed enough knitting projects to last me a month. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah, kids, responbilities, blah, blah, blah. :).

My youngest son got a little bent today, when he saw my blog and saw that I have posted pics of my oldest son, and my dog, so in order to please him, here is a picture of him. He just turned 12 last month, and is a wonderful son. A little goofy. Did I type that out loud? We love you, " Stinky." Yes, don't get offended, that is his nickname. Please, no letters.
Guess I am off to start Lance's hat. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Thanks for stopping.


Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Back!

Okay I'm back. After a weeks vacation, I figure I better update this, I have so much to share. Went camping for a week with family and friends. Our church does a "Family Camp" for the weekend, and we had about 25 or so families represented. We do Hobo Pie Night, a potluck and then church on Sunday, the rest of the time is spent by the pool, reading, various other activites that one would do camping. We had good weather and a relaxing time. We stay at a beautiful campground in Ludington, called Poncho's Pond. Nan and Poncho are fabulous people, very willing to help, and you won't find a cleaner park. Thanks Nan and Poncho!! Of course, that meant I had to visit Nautical Knits, which is a wonderfully packed knitting store in downtown Ludington. Yes, I did buy stuff. Not as much as I would have liked, but enough!! Very fun.

Just to go back and catch up on a few things, before we left, I got my June dishcloth swap stuff. Connie R. sent me two beautifully knit dishcloths, and some fun BBQ things, and a cool postcard with a soup recipe and a nice handwritten note. I always do this when I send out stuff, I think its a nice touch. Thanks again, Connie.

In other news, the next few photos, are of my almost 20 year old son, and his totally put together go cart. He has been talking about doing this since he was like a sophmore in high school. He has been collecting parts from everybody, and he finally got it done. I even drove it. I am very proud of him. He was too. We told him Henry Ford started somewhere too!! :)

My socks are almost done, Family Camp is hard place to knit. Lots of people always around. We leave next week for my SIL in Gurnee, Illinois for a week. I also have only one child this week, as the rest are at camp!! This means lots of mom, knitting time. Who does laundry, really people!!! :) Guess I better go unload the camper, however, some work must be done. Hope your having a great summer, too. Thanks for visiting.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gown Yokes and Boudoir Caps

Okay, did that get your attention? I was doing some cleaning:( and came across a strange box. I found a bunch of old mostly crochet books. The oldest is from 1915 and that is where I found the title for this post. I mean look at some of these pictures.

Look at the boudoir caps on the right picture. They are beautiful, but those are a lot of work just to sleep in!! All these booklets date from 1915-1917. They cost 10 cents each. Wow! The next batch was from the 1930's.

The coolest ones was a booklet called Neckwear. Just look at this picture. Who would do all this work? And better yet, who would really wear this thing?

Even more, this hat, which is from the booklet on the top of the 1930's pile. It is called, Coolie. I just think this is so cool. Oh, forgive the bad, didn't mean to, pun. I also saw this pattern towards the back of booklet. The next pile is dated from the 1940's.

The Learn How Book, in the back,(the green one), has everything from crochet, knitting, tatting, and even embroidery. For still only 10 cents, it has tons of patterns in it.

The yellow book, I found very cute, it was one of the brighest colored ones I'd seen. Still only 10 cents, from the American Thread Company, dated 1944, it has not only patterns for some very interestingly crocheted potholders, but also recipes for things like, Parsley Puffs and Russian Pilaf. Too funny. Maybe my dishcloth swap friends better watch out, you never know if I might include one of these little guys in my swap :).This last batch is from the 1950's. I noticed a lot more color and more things for babies. One of the cutest ones (on the right) is a booklet called "Television and Radio Scarfs". Guess that was the point in history, where the tv had hit the family scene, and people were switching from radio to television. And some thought it would never catch on. :) Well, that is your history lesson for today. Hope it wasn't boring. I do collect antiques, and I am a history major, but I think to see how (mostly) crochet has changed and how it hasn't over the years, actually, if you think about it, almost a century. Remember, the earliest one dated 1915.! Please let me know your thoughts on this post. I found many of these booklets to be in excellent shape, and I will be selling some on ebay. Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One lone Sock!!

Okay well not quite two, but at least one is done. This pattern is actually from Plymouth Yarn Co. Just their basic ribbed sock. But, it is the same as the summer anklet sock in the May issue of Creative Knitting Magazine. I had to frog this the first time, b/c I didn't quite understand the heel, but I was just slipping wrong. Now that I have it, I love this pattern. Very simple really. I love the way this yarn did it's stripe thing. Of course I love orange, so there you go. This yarn was 1/2 off at my LYS, I think I paid a whole $2.50 for the one skein, but I will easy get one pair of socks, and probably a few mini pairs (for those cute little keychain socks) Love, love. I will post both socks when the other is done, but my hands need to take a small break from size 2 needles. Think I will do another hyperbolic dishcloth (see below). Really people, I'm not kidding, you should really try them, they are fun and very addicting. Guess that is all for now. However, please pray for Sarah, one of my blogging friends, as she miscarried her baby girl this past week. Hit me like a ton of bricks, we lost twins, 21 years ago, but you never forget. I will be so anxious to see my little ones in Jesus' arms when I get there!! Of course, my grandmothers might have something to say about that! Please remember Sarah and her family. Thanks.