Friday, February 29, 2008

Extra Day!!

If this is an extra day that we've been given, wouldn't it be nice to stay in bed all day, read, knit. Did someone say knit!! yEA!! It is snowing here again, several inches expected, but it is very slippery. I am soooo ready for spring. Trying to finish some socks, ready to turn the heel, which is not hard, just always put it off, but once I turn, the heel is so quick. Need to finish my purse, have it all knitted, lining cut, just need to assemble. It's been that way for a month. Our son is finally back to school full time. Comes home kind of tired, still naps some, but his incision is almost all closed up. Been a long month though.
Started teaching my first Precept class yesterday. How exciting!! I have 12 people in the class, which is good and all but two have never done Precept before. We are doing Titus. Then we will be going straight into Ruth. I just love it when I see people getting this excited about digging into God's Word. The truths you can find, even in familiar scripture, is amazing. If you've never tried this method of study, I would challenge you to find a class near you, or leave me a comment, and perhaps I can help you find a class. You'll discover scripture like never before....promise!!
Had an interesting thing happen this past week, one of my LYS had a building explode behind it b/c of a gas leak. Luckily no one was killed, and the LYS walked away with not even any smoke damage. I haven't been there for a few months, but I love the store. It is called City Knitting, in Easttown, in Grand Rapids. Wonderful store and people. If you are on Ravelry, they have a group by the same name, look them up. Those of us who love the store are very thankful that they were not hurt or lost everything. Please pray for several business owners who did lose everything. Guess that's about it. I promise I am working on pics. Thanks for visiting.

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kawaii crafter said...

Can I just say that you made my day when I woke up this morning and checked my comments. I just changed the banner and was wondering how people were going to react to it. Your comments were very encouraging. Thank you.