Friday, May 30, 2008

New Stuff and WIP's

Hi there all,

Just wanted to do a quick post, and show you all what I got from this months dishcloth swap. It was sent from Sue in New Jersey. Thank you so much Sue. She sent a cute little dishcloth, in the shape of a little dress, and the yellow is very cheery. Also, she sent me these "Soap Rocks" Very cool things, not only are they beautiful, they will glisten, if you put them under hot water, or on humid days. So cool. I don't look forward to humid days, but I will try the hot water thing. They are made from all natural ingredients, and smell fabulous. Thanks so much Sue!!

Onto other knitting things, I am redoing my summer ankle socks, after frogging the first ones. I had never done this type of heel before(Sl 1, K1) then Purl the next row. The last heel was a twisted mess, I think I was slipping wrong (you must do it purlwise) And I was doing the slip knit thing way too tight. I ususally don't knit tight, but I was. This is going much better, and I love the way it is stipping. Have seen alot of the Jaywalker socks (can be found on Ravelry) they look cool with the self-striping yarn, except the pattern is like wavey V's. I so know there is a name for that, but I can't think of it. Need more coffee :) Anyway, I am ready to turn this heel, so hopefully soon I will have a least one sock done. I am so in awe of friend Nachaele (sidebar Knit-Eat-Sleep) she does such beautiful work and is sooo fast with her socks, I am amazed! I do owe her an apology, I think she tagged me, and I miss understood. Thought she needed to post that on my blog, before I answered all the questions. I certainly didn't mean to slight her tag, and that will be my next post. I need to see all the questions. Sorry Nachaele. Visit her blog, she is one wonderful knitter. (Seems like a pretty great person too :).

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Allena said...

so i'm wondering if those soap rocks are for smelling or for washing hands.

btw those socks you're making are pretty!