Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Garden Spy Cam and FO's

I had to laugh, the other day, my DH (who works from home, and his office is in the basement) emails me (which he never does) with an email title that said, "Look what your garden spy cam caught" I couldn't figure out what he was talking about, until I opened the attachment and here is what I saw!! Eating my lettuce. Look how fat he is!! We put a fence around the garden, in hopes that it will help, we'll see. I also suspect that he has been eating my zucchini blossoms, which is why I have blossoms, and NO zucchini. I love zucchini!! I have been waiting all year. I think me and Mr. Bunny need to have a chat. Wonder if he likes Ceyene pepper??? HeeHee!!

On the knitting front, I have been trying to finish a few things. I promise the knitting bag is almost finished. But I had to stick this in. Actually, this is crocheted, not knitted, but who cares! I have been wanting to do this bag for some time, thought I was doing it wrong, turns out there is an eratta page, and I was doing it right, it was their mistake. Who knew! Then, I wanted to line mine, but in the pattern they never tell you where to line (yes there is an important place) probably b/c they don't line theirs. So, I didn't line mine. I think I have a few people in mind to do one of these for Christmas. It really was easy and fast, once you got going. Thanks for stopping by.



leah said...

Love the bag! It looks so cheery!

Lori Casto said...

I did the ceyene pepper thing with chipmunks that were digging and eating some flowers in a pot, it seems to have worked, I say give it a try.

Penny said...

Your crocheted knitting bag is lovely!

Rebecca Jo said...

Your little guest was caught in the act! Bunnies have to eat too! Just not out of your garden - right? That's great though it was caught on video!

Tea said...

Naughty bunny!! I bet his name is Peter. ;) Deer & rabbits are eating our daughters garden. (in Virginia) All the work & no veggies.

Love the bag! It's so cute!