Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay, so maybe I've been a little bitten by the sewing bug. Thanks, for all your great and encouraging comments regarding my sewing skills. You guys are great! Anyway, was checking out some sewing blogs, and ran across She has a beautiful blog, and a very fun giveaway right now, but hurry, it ends Sunday, July 27th. I have seen a lot of aprons, in the sewing world. I do like aprons, and yes even for me they are easy. I have several "real" vintage ones, and a beautiful one that my neice Lindsay made for me for Christmas last year. I do wear them, and have them hanging on a hook in my kitchen. Might have to get some cool fabric and make some. Anyway, enjoy your weekend and hop over to her blog, but I'm gonna win!!! :)


Tea said...

Thanks, I'm on my way with knitting in hand. Can't wait. ;)
Next time, you come on down & we'll sit in the middle of the 'mater plants with the salt shaker! _slobbers_

That's an adorable apron being given away..very cool blog..thanks for the link!

Hicks Family said...

Hey Suz,

I don't have your email address, so will post this here.

As for the Zucchini--we've had tons and tons. 1)Have yours had enough water? 2)Maybe not enough sun? 3)Are there enough bees to pollinate? You may have to help the pollination process--but better discuss that over the phone with you--or you may be able to look it up online. My dad used to help them along. Sound weird--but I know it worked for him. :)