Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday,Coffee and Snow

Well, in case anyone was wondering, winter has officially arrived in Michigan. Holy Cow. I don't think it has stopped snowing here since Friday, and we're suppose to get 3-5 more today, with 1-3 expected tonight. It sure is pretty though. The coffee is good and strong, which one needs on a snowy, Monday morning. I have been knitting up stuff as fast as the snow is coming down. Almost finished with the fingerless mitts. No, they don't take this long, just more stuff gets in the way. Remember the book post? Anyway, did one of the Ballband dishcloths from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Love, Love,Love this pattern. Went to my sister-in-laws on Saturday, and she did one with cotton as her background color, and then did the "stripes" with a wool, then put it in and shrunk it. Like you would felt anything else.. Absolutely inspirational, what resulted, was a little smaller dishrag (I loved the size, it is pretty big) and it was so soft, with the "felted" rows. Would almost make a wonderful face cloth!! UMMMM!! Then I saw on Ravelry, a pattern for a "Nubby" Dishrag. What a cute little thing, just kind of reminded me of vintage for some reason. Very cute and easy. Please go to for the complete pattern. It's really fun and easy. Bible studies are going good. We are working on Beth Moore's Daniel in Sunday School. We are just starting all the prophetic stuff, with lots of references to Revelation. Wow, and I've studied Revelation a couple times, it still makes you stop and think. Lots to keep straight. Does anyone know the four names for the "Little Horn" mentioned in Daniel 7:8? This is a toughy, and yes Rhonda please add your "two cents" :) I had heard all the other four names, and knew they referred to the same being, just didn't know that it was to little horn. Interesting!!!!!!!!!!!! My other study on Ruth will actually be done next week, then I may be teaching a Precept Study. Yikes. Not sure what I'll be teaching yet, going to seek out some godly counsel tomorrow, from someone who has taught lots of them. I'm really not sure "Covenant" would be a good place to start, like jumping into the deep end with a brick!!!!!!!!!!:) Guess that's about all for now. I need to go knit and study, and yes, maybe through a load in the washer. Oh well.

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