Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not camera ready yet

Well, got the docking station moved, even took a few pics, but haven't quite got them to here yet. I was setting up my Ravelry notebook, which I love, and realized that most of the FO's that I have done in the last 2 years have gone out the door. I have given probably 90% of what I've done away. So, my pics are of more recent things, and maybe now I can get them cataloged before they go. My latest project, the fingerless mitts out of "Speed Knitting" by Chris Percival, are on the needles, almost finished with one, but of course, can I stick to just one project. NO. I started some baby mitts for my nephew. She reminded me yesterday, that I was going to do a set for him, and after Christmas, we have hit the ground running, and I kind of forgot. So, last night I went through my stash, and found enough "OhMY" yarn to make some lucious mint green mitts. Have one done already and will easy finish the other hopefully this morning. Will try the other pair in CottonTots, blues. However, the weather here is nuts. All of our several feet of snow is gone, yesterday was 65degrees, we will pay for this in April, when we are ready for spring. But wait, this is Michigan, and as they say, "Wait 5 minutes,and the weather will probably change." :) We'll see what tomorrow brings. Onto another subject, our Sunday School class has started the second part of our Beth Moore, Daniel study. This part is all about prophecy. I love this stuff. Trying to get ahead a little, as it takes some serious concentration, when your trying to keep all this stuff straight in your head. Also starting a new bible study tonight, which is a Precept class, and is very time consuming. Hopefully the knitting won't suffer, the housecleaning might though(lol). Well onto studying for a while. Then knitting....then studying....no knitting...............

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