Monday, January 28, 2008

What a Difference a Week Makes

Wow that is so true. Today is beautiful. Very sunny and no snow!!! Yes, I still have my coffee!!!!!!! Am almost finished with my knitting needle purse, I got the back done, started the front, when I was very tired, and had to frog it after about 4 rows, shouldn't knit while I'm tired. But, I started over and we are about half way through. I bought the greatest fabric to line it can't wait to show you. Had the computer guy here yesterday, but alas, we are still working on this picture thing. Is it really that hard?? Also started a fun thing yesterday, I forget where I saw this original idea, but I am painting the tops of my knitting needles with finernail polish. They look very cute and don't hinder the knittting or ruin the needles. Just cute. Bought some yarn this weekend to start Susan B. Anderson's "Elephante". I know your suppose to use your stash, but I didn't have enough in the same gauge. Bought small skeins and not very expensive yarn, something that can be washed. I think I shall knit up two, one for my neice(don't tell Rhonda) and for my nephew. Speaking of my nephew, I got to take care of him Friday, for a couple hours. As I was feeding him his last bottle of the night, while he was all cozy in his fleece-feeted pjs, took me back almost 20 years ago, when I was feeding my first. He'll be 20 in July. My how time flies. When did I blink!! Guess that is it for now, I have to go knit elephants:)

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