Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday,More Coffee and More Snow!

Okay, two days later, and it still hasn't stopped snowing. We now have several feet(at least) and its still falling. It is pretty though to get a new covering every morning. Gee that reminds me of a bible verse......Lam.3:23. Have been knitting a bag with the "bramble stitch" just a series of purl 3tog. and then in the next stitch, you k1,p1,k1. It is quite cool. If you are a Ravelry member, you can look up knitting needles bag by Pam Allen. Its also in my notebook, which is under Zandersmom. It is going really quickly, and what is so cool besides the stitch, is that you use size 15 needles for the ends(top) . Very cool. Hop onto for a look. Haven't gotten an invite yet? Have you entered for an invite? Its super easy, and as I've said before, a very helpful organizational tool. Guess that's it. Coffee's gone, Wednesday is almost over, and well the snow...............Isn't.

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