Saturday, May 24, 2008


Happy Memorial Weekend!

As the mom of a United States Marine, I pray that we all take more than just a moment this weekend, to remember all of those involved in service to our country, and pray for those fighting, even now, to give us the freedom to do all that we do. Thank you son, and all the other sons and daughters who sacrifice so much for our freedom. You are remembered and appreciated! God Bless You All!


Tea said...

True! Keeping your son in my prayers.

I read recently on one of my groups that the soldiers don't have proper bedding, towels, etc. Is that true? It's a shameful state of affairs if it's true.

Knitting Bandit said...

What a nice reminder. I spent a few minutes this weekend reminding my teenagers just what Memorial day was and reminding them to remember the sacrifices their grandpa and his High School age friends made in Viet Nam, as well as other soldiers unknown to them. I was proud that two of them went to the parade and cemetary ceremony on their own wothout pressure or coaxing from me. I think too many people just think of it as a day to barbecue and not go to work (that is fun too--after a little reflection!)