Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Keeping in Touch

Hi all!

I really don't have much to talk about, but I wanted to touch base with all of you and thank you for stopping by. I have been doing quite a bit of knitting, but nothing to show. I am working on a summer anklet sock, in a great orange stipe. Love the way this is looking, but I am a very slow sock knitter. I also have been doing more of the hyperbolic dishcloths. I love these things. Even if you don't crochet, I challenge you to try these. You can find the stitch on U-tube with the She is wonderfully clear and you can pause,etc. to actually keep up with her. I think I have mentioned her before, but I have gone to her for lots of stitch "looksies." I hope to have lots of pics for you next week, I planted my yard yesterday. Why do I try to do this in one day????????? I am so sore today I can hardly move. I have arthritis, and that kind of stuff just kills me. I swore I would plant more perenials, and less annuals, but I shouldn't go to the greenhouse alone. But, alas, my yard is beautiful. Now I shall sit and knit. Not, today, however, the high is 51 and the wind is cold. But, it is suppose to be in the high 70's this weekend, which is wonderful, cuz we are having about 30 people for Memorial Day!! You will be pictured out. I hope you all are having a great week. Please visit again soon. Thanks for stopping.



Tea said...

Planting your yard in one day; that sounds like me, too. There ought to be a law, but who would enforce it. LOL! Hope you have recovered from that one.
Your orange stripe socks sound wonderful! Can't wait to see a picture.
It's already hot & muggy here now. Enjoy your cooler weather. :)

kawaii crafter said...

you've got me curious about this hyperbolic dishcloth, I'm going to check out the link you provided