Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Looky What I Got!!

Wow! My family was sure generous this Mother's Day. I got the coolest birdhouse. I have a camper that I hope to someday soon have looking like this. I also got a planter that looks like a truck. Saw the house at Lowe's and the truck at Micheal's. My oldest son got me the beautiful thermometer. That one is sort of a guilt gift. No, he is a good boy, didn't do anything wrong, except shoot holes in my other one with his airsoft gun. I have been shot in the bum with that thing. Glad he became a Marine, so he could shoot real guns. I have been strongly "hinting" for almost a year. He finally got me a beautiful one. Way beats the other one anyway!! Hee Hee.

Onto knitting. I have actually been crocheting. No, I am not bored with knitting, but if I don't do something when I see it, I kind of forget about it. I saw these on Ravelry and actually downloaded the pattern. Took me now time to do one. Doesn't seem like your doing much till your done, and then viola' it does this. Amazing. This pattern can be found on Ravelry, just type in hyperbolic in the pattern section. Speaking of Ravelry, (I'm gettin on my soapbox) I tried to put one of their buttons on my blog last night, well, as many of you know, if you've read many posts, I am pretty computer stupid. That said, I think building one would be easier. I even went to the help desk. Yeah well, you Don't see a Ravelry button do ya? They tried, but no dice. Guess if its that hard, they really don't want them on too many blogs. Maybe some other time. (I'm off my soapbox now :)

Think I am going to start something with a little substance, especially since I mailed my May dishcloth swap stuff, so I have some time before the next one. Think I am actually going to do a pair of summer socks. Just bought a couple different skeins of summer yarn.Sorry pics of those will have to come later. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Thanks for visiting!!



Rebecca Jo said...

Great Mother's Day gifts! You must be really loved ;-)

kawaii crafter said...

what an adorable bird house