Friday, May 2, 2008

It's May!!

Let's hope this means no snow, (don't snicker, it has been known to happen in Michigan in May!!). Things are really starting to bloom around here. Don't have a lot of nice pics for that. I think I need a new camera!! My close ups aren't that great with mine. So, I thought I would post a few other pics. Remember dinner from the other night, well we had shephards pie. I made it up, but everyone liked it. Probably because I put ketchup in it. My oldest doesn't eat anything without ketchup, it is a major food group for him, he even has the T-shirt. Been a busy few days, spring cleaning in our master bedroom, took care of my 9 month old cutest nephew in the world, yesterday, and have been running kids to various doctors appointments. Oh by the way, our middle son, the one who had the appendectomy in late January, is finally healed. PTL!! His wound finally closed up about a week and a half ago. Wow, what a long haul for him. At least he can enjoy his summer in pools and lakes, etc. I have been knitting up a storm. Started a new dishcloth for my May swap, sorry, can't show pics. Its a secret. I have been a purse mad woman, however. Just off the hook actually, was the little clutch from Stitch N' *****. Yes, it is actually crocheted. It was very simple, and is really cute. Will line it and my Isabeau purse, today. Need to go to Hobby Lobby and get some plastic canvas, for the Isabeau, as the yarn I used is a little flimsy. But, that should do it. I'll have final pics, soon. Oh, you must go visit Lucinda Guy's new website, she has the cutest little site, and a cute little "snoozing Ned" for a free download. I just looked over one of her books recently, they are very sweet. Think my cutest nephew in the world might be getting one of these for his birthday. Thank goodness I have until July. Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend!!


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Hicks Family said...

Hi there!
The shepherds pie looks so good!
All the needle work too. You'l have to show me how to make that purse, I love it!

Thanks for the comment!