Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Addicted!!

To Totebags that its!! I did this one in one day!! Wow! And NO, it isn't in green!! Told ya I could do it!! Purple is another favorite color:) This was a crocheted bag, which the handle took longer than the entire bag. I used a size E hook. The stitch is called the hexagonal stitch. If you can link to Ravelry it is on there under Zandersmom. I think I cast on a few too many stitches in the handle, but it works for me. I got the pattern from Think I might make another Elisa Tote though, but I will keep this one around for sure. Who knows, I might get overrun with totes!! Better go get supper out of the oven, I smell it, Yum. Maybe I'll take a picture of that (lol). Have a wonderful weekend. Keep knitting.Suzanne. P.S. See the photo at the top? That thread is all I had left!! :) Whew!!

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Rebecca Jo said...

I love your bag! Am anxious to do a few myself just to help with the environment! NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS!

And it was great having you visit my site - & I'm anxious to catch up on yours as well! We Christian, knitting women have to stick together! ;-)