Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Time!

Okay I'm moving up in cyberspaceville. I now have a Flickr runner thingy(get it now:)0n my sidebar. I still can't get pics to go into my Ravelry pages, except for a post. I have spent all day, literally, and had sort of help from a DH and Son who just keep saying, "What is Ravelry?" "What is this Flickr thing?" You see my problem. The help desk thing on Ravelry helped a little, but can't figure it out either. What is one to do. I went straight to the top. Sent Frecklegirl an email, she said to go to the help desk. I am about to log out of this whole computer thing, except I think I'm hooked. Is there anybody out there who knows what their talking about???????? Okay, off my soapbox now, gonna go get my blood pressure up again, and try to figure this out. Anyway, enjoy the Flickr. It might be all you get :)

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