Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!!

Actually, to be more accurate, it has bounded in, but the title thing would 't have worked. :) Really though, it is beautiful. It's suppose to be 70+ today. I plan on sitting on my porch and knittting. Not much is blooming yet, so no spring pics, but I am sure by next week we'll have something.

Bigger news, I guess lots of people here woke this morning to an earthquake. I personally didn't feel it, but there are a few crooked pictures. Whoa, we live in Michigan. Weird!!!

Have been knitting dishcloths alot. Trying to finish my KAL, the Elisa Tote. I am done with the bag, need to do the side seems and then the handle. I have done these kinds of handles before (attached I cord) and love them, just always put them off. Maybe after the weekend, as we will be entertaining my parents, and I want just mindless. Here are a few that I did. One is from the latest issue of Creative Knitting, the Embossed Daisy, was very fun and easy. The other came out of May 2007 issue of same magazine. It is called Spring is in the Air, but you should have repeated the pattern again, but I thought I'd have a towel by then, maybe next time, I would do it on smaller needles. Maybe size 6. It was a fun pattern. Guess that's everything for now, need to go finish things for my parents arrival. Chat Later!!

Okay, just realized I haven't taken a picture of the other dishcloth. I will post tomorrow, so for now I will add the little fish tawashi that I made. It is very cute, was very quick, about 1/2 hour, but I would probably do two next time and seam them together. Maybe even put some scrubby material in the middle (sorry name of stuff eludes me). Anyway, enjoy that pic and have a great weekend!!


jessica said...

Cute dishcloths! I can't wait for spring to be here for good... Enjoy your nice weather!

Ann said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes. Love your dishcloths especially the little fish. We are having Autumn here in Australia & it has been cold & wet but I love it.