Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Okay, first of all, let me say that after my rant last night, I went back to the Ravelry help chat desk, and they got me pics!!! They were so awesome!! I felt really bad for them, they would tell me to do something, but assumed I knew something of what I was doing, and they'd have to go back and step by step me. And they did!! They were more than gracious with me, as were a few people that had to wait until they were done with me. I even sent a return email to Frecklegirl to thank them all. I was sooooooo impressed!!! So, if you see me on Ravelry as Zandersmom, I have pics. The only problem is, is that I don't have pics of everything I have ever knitted. Most of the stuff I have given away. So, we'll start with some things I have done a go on from there. Okay, had to start there. No, she isn't knitted, but she is the very spoiled dog named Mia that I mentioned in my bio. She is very sweet.

Okay, Might need some help in how to place these things. Do you add pics first, how do you type around them? The scarf is a drop stitch one that I did quite a while back, just liked the yarn. The scarf was fun and very fast. I was going to post more pics, but I will wait to see if I get an needed advice from you all. Thanks for your patience with me, and my lack of computer skills. Have a great day!

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jessica said...

They sure nice over there at ravelry!!! I usually just write out my post and then add the pictrues when I'm done. Then I drag them to wherever I want them to be! Hope that helps!