Sunday, April 13, 2008

Learning Lots

I all. Just got back from two days of Precept training in Elkhart, Indiana. I took a Greek Word Studies class on Friday, and spent the day Saturday learning how to fine tune my teaching skills. Both classes were extremely informative and helpful. I had done some Greek Word Studies, but feel like I have a much better grasp on how to use the resources available out there. The next class was dedicating to leading effective discussions. Effective being the key word there. Learned much and am ready for my next conference. Its great to hear other stories about how the Lord leads and directs from other people and their classes.
Got no knitting done, but that's okay. I will have pics to post later in the week. Please continue to pray for my son, remember his appendecotmy? Well, the wound is STILL open and there might be an abcess in one of the suitures. If it doesn't heal up in two weeks, the doctor will need to reopen it, take out the stitch, and continue this whole process. He's pretty tired of it, and I can't blame him, he has been a trooper.
Oh, my partner in the dishcloth swap received her package from me. She posted a lovely thank you, and I am glad it arrived safely, and that she had fun opening everything. It is pretty fun!!!!
Guess I'll sign off for now, I'll be back later with pics. Thanks for looking!!

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Lisa said...

Wow your poor son! I feel so bad for him. I would be sick of it too. I hope he finally gets healed!